Who for?

Psychologists, therapists, coaches, and nonduality transmission during the natural awakening training by Peter Fenner

The Natural Awakening: Advanced Nondual Training is for:

  • Therapists and psychologists who want to explore the contribution of nondual awareness in their work.
  • Coaches who have some experience of nondual work and wish to add nondual coaching to their offer.
  • Meditation teachers who wish to introduce effortless meditation to their sessions and retreats and also work with nondual inquiry.
  • Buddhists who function in a helping and care-giving role who wish to be further empowered in their work.
  • Anyone with a solid grounding in nondual spirituality who is ready to share their wisdom with others.
  • Facilitators and consultants who want to be able to work on-the-spot and in the here-and-now, and who see value in “not knowing.”
  • Teachers of movement, yoga, and the expressive arts who which to teach from the sourceless dimension of all creativity.
  • People who share satsang and wish to enhance their capacity to share nondual awareness and expand the reach of their transmission.
  • People who have worked with and integrated the Radiant Mind material either through the Course or book and audio resources.

Which program would be the best at this time in your life?

Some distinctions to help you decide whether the Radiant Mind Course or the Natural Awakening Advanced Nondual Training is right for you.

Natural Awakening: Advanced Nondual Training
  • You will work with people in the Training AND you will do “field work” with your own group(s) outside of the Training.
  • You are familiar with the space of nondual awareness. You are able to rest in awareness reliably and when sharing with others.
  • Focuses on expanding and refining your capacity to share nondual awareness with other people in groups and/or clinical work.
  • You have some years of experience with meditation, spiritual work, or personal development.
Radiant Mind Course: Awaken Nondual Awareness
  • You will work mainly with other participants in the Course.
  • You are interested in discovering pure awareness. OR: You have tasted pure awareness OR: You are familiar with the space of pure awareness.
  • Focuses on integrating awareness into your own life—your daily routines, relationships and work.
  • You may be new to psycho-spiritual work or have pursued such work for many years.

Check the dedicated website for the Radiant Mind Course: www.radiantmind.net

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